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A Simple Guide To Get The Best Golf Club Shafts


Posted on July 8th, 2016 at 02:27 AM

Golf is a sport like all other sports and no one is threatened to become a professional within a short timespan or at all. However, when you get interested in a particular sport you definitely spend a lot of time reading about it and finding where to get the best equipment. Similarly golfers tend to go straight to the store shelf and select golf clubs and shafts right there. This is not the right idea, especially for someone who is new to the sport. When choosing golf club shafts you have a lot of aspects to check. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right shaft.

  1. The optimum shaft should have exact measurements both in stiffness, length, weight, kick, material, tip etc.
  1. Most of the shaft and club manufacturers collaborate with major companies and produce specific models like UST golf shafts that have specially designed irons and woods and hybrid drivers.
  1. Shafts are manufactured using the basic metal or the regular graphite. However, when buying a shaft one has to test the shaft with the club and see whether they match or you will end up with a shaft and a club that do not match. This will cause great difficulty in taking a swing and trying to get the ball in the air. Don’t just choose a club after testing with a few swings in the store. Take demo days out with the manufacturer, compare with other brands by hitting the ball and checking the ball’s trajectory.
  1. Fitting is another aspect – short swings require stiff tips and long swings require stiff butt with a soft tip.
  1. Weight makes a lot of different. The 460cc driver head takes on the club’s total weight. The lesser the weight, the faster the speed of the swing. Since the ultimate aim of a golfer is to maintain a good speed and plane and have the square face impact, weight plays a major role.
  1. Cost is also another factor but however it’s the best shaft that you are looking for and hence cost can be overlooked if you get the right golf club shafts and ust golf shafts. You can never go wrong when you choose such best golf shafts. The cost and the quality remains thebest matched in the market.

Get fitted professionally before you begin looking for the golf club shaft. Remember the aim of the game is to get a great swing and for this the club and the shaft should match.


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