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Buying Guide for Custom Made Golf Clubs


Posted on October 18th, 2016 at 02:38 PM

Golfers are always asking themselves questions like – I am a beginner do I need custom fitting clubs? Well the answer to this is ‘Yes.’ Whether you are a beginner an intermediary or a professional, it’s always good to have custom made golf clubs. Here are a few reasons:

  1. These golf clubs are customized to fit your hand and enhance your playing ability when you take a swing at the ball. You don’t lose energy and hence you efficiently play and improve your swing each time of the game.
  1. Once you have well-fitting golf clubs you can concentrate on your effort at improving your swing resulting in total improvement in the game.


However, most inexperienced players do not fully understand the concept of using custom golf clubs thinking that it is meant only for professional golfers. Regardless of your strength, age, height or body type and gender, a perfect combination of shaft flex, shaft type and style of the club head should be significant. These are the features that help to enhance your golfing experience and you’re playing ability. Once you are certain that your golf club fits you well you will surely concentrate on the game and have more fun playing.

Custom golf drivers and clubs offer the following features:

  1. More forgiving and game improving
  2. All level golfers can enjoy this feature
  3. They are suitable for all body sizes and shapes
  4. They also offer good assistance for short and tall players
  5. You don’t have to be confined to a single size as these are made to fit well


A few considerations with regard to fit include the length of the club, the lie and loft angle, set composition, club head design, flex and frequency of the shaft, material of the shaft, torque, flex point, balance point and shaft bend, the overall balance point and the total gram weight of the club. All these aspects should be considered meticulously even at the beginner stage of the game. These add to the improvement and enhancement of your position as a professional golfer.

If you are planning on placing an online order for custom golf sets, make sure you give your specifications correctly to avoid ill-fitting club sets. You can suggest that you call and speak to your supplier online and explain in detail what exactly you are looking for. Select your brand, cost, size specifications; mention your height and also the weight of the club that you are selecting etc. when placing your order. Make sure they read out the specifications to you once again before confirming the order.

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