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Choose Right Golf Club Grips Arrived at Monark Golf


Posted on October 7th, 2015 at 03:21 AM

There are many golfing accessories you need in order to play a game of golf. Each of these is important as you need them to propel the ball towards the hole in the proper way. Golf club grips are one of the most important accessories that most golfers do not pay much attention to. You might not be able to play your best game as you do are not using the right club grip.

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There are many options available as far as grips are concerned and all these are beneficial for your game. The materials used to make these grips most commonly are thermoplastics and rubber. These grips are constantly being improved so that golfers more traction and a better and softer grip. Winn golf grips are considered to be the best in the market as these are extra soft; light weighted and can absorb as much as 65% of the shock during an impact.

There are several manufacturers out there and most of these have followed Winn in manufacturing their grips that are soft and light weight. In fact, most of the club manufacturers offer extra soft and light weight grips on their clubs these days. A lighter grip increases clubhead speed by lowering the balance point. It also allows the golfer to feel the club in a better way.

Grips that absorb moisture are being manufactured by several companies these days so that the hands stay drier. If you have sweaty hands, then you need to opt for grips with embedded linen thread. New grip surface patterns are being designed by several manufacturers these days to pamper your hands.

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There are plan grips available as well for golfers who are not fond of grooves and dimples. There are specialty grips available as well.

Taking Care

It is important that you keep the grip at its top form and doing that is not difficult.  A periodic washing is required to remove the dirt. You need to clean the grips with warm water, dish soap and a towel and this need to be done after several rounds of the game. Rinse and then use a dry cloth to dry the grip.

It is best to change the grips 3 – 4 times in a year.

Monark Golf offers you the best collection of golf grips along with various other golf accessories online. They offer you Winn golf grips and much more.

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