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Choosing Golf Club Components – Monark Golf


Posted on September 21st, 2016 at 02:55 AM


Before looking to purchase golf club components read this interesting information that will guide you to a perfect buy. Featuring today’s trendy style and state of the art technology golf clubs today have been enhanced greatly to suit individual golfer’s needs. Here are a few of the contemporary components that have been styled just to suit your convenience.


The club head – this is the main aspect that you should consider as this is what gets into direct contact with the ball. When speaking of a wood club the head is bigger than compared to other clubs. This is to give space for the ball to travel faster and further adding more energy to the ball. But when you choose the iron club you will see that the front is angled and weighs lesser than the wooden one.


The shaft – this component is divided into two materials. You get the metal shaft and also the graphite shaft. You can easily identify these by the colour. Certain golfers prefer the metal shaft because they can make good swings at the ball. However, you should understand that graphite shafts are better when you want to make a good swing. According to some golfers these shafts allow them to take accurate shots.


Golf Grips – at the other end of the club head is the grip. This has equal importance as the other golf components. These grips are made with rubber and it adds more security on the player’s wrist when it comes in contact with the club end. Most golfers prefer thick grips because they feel softer and easier for holding, thus positioning the player’s hand to make direct contact when hitting the ball.


When you are looking for the best golf clubs on sale make sure you take these tips seriously and do you purchase. You should not compromise on any of these components if you want to enjoy your game of golf.

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