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Exclusive Club Shafts for Effective Golfing


Posted on April 16th, 2016 at 03:27 AM

A golf club shaft is the long, elongated pipe forming a link between the hands of golfer and the club head. It offers you a centrifugal force required for an effective strike. You can get a long and accurate shot without applying much force if you have a good grip of the shaft. The shaft is an equally important part of the club. It’s diameter near the grip and in between is approximately 0.5 inch/12 millimetres and it’s length is 35-48 inches/89–115 cm. Depending on the material of the shaft and its length a shaft weighs approximately 45 to 150 grams.

Significance of Golf Club Shafts

A shaft occupies a very significant place in the game of golf because it is its flex that makes a huge difference in your swing for an accurate shot. Shaft flex is the ability of the shaft to bend in response when you swing the club with force, affecting its speed and flow. Based on the range of flexibility of golf club shafts, they are classified as:

• L (Lady): It is suitable for you if you play smooth swing shorts as it has a softer flex. Specially designed for ladies and a club head speed less than 90 miles per hour, the shaft will whip without using much power.

• A (Senior, Intermediate or Soft Regular): If you play hitting the ball at a lesser speed than 200 yards, then the A rating shafts should be the best choice for you.

• R (Regular): If you hit the ball at a speed of 200 – 230 yards,you must choose regular rated shaft.

• S (Stiff): For a jerky swing you need a stiffer shaft but an in appropriate swing may cause a wrong hit on the base of the ball thus reducing the travel distance of the ball.

• X (Extra Stiff or Strong):If you have a tendency of hitting over 250 yards, you should choose the stiff or extra stiff shaft. This will help your ball travel longer distance at a much higher speed.

UST golf shafts and Aldila golf shafts are some of the popular shaft brands available in the market. You can also purchase them online at Monark Golf, one of the leading online stores with the best deals and reasonable prices and catering to all the needs of passionate golfers.

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