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Expert Tips to Hit the Driver


Posted on February 20th, 2017 at 12:42 PM

Golf is one of the classiest games. You need a lot of expertise and accuracy to play as a professional golfer. Many people do not understand all the rules of the game and consider it as complex one. However, if you want to play golf sincerely, you need to understand the basics first. Golf clubs are used to hit the ball. The golfer needs to choose the right golf club, grip, and stroke measuring the distance of the hole.

The Importance of the Driver- The driver is also called 1-wood. It is the lowest lofted, longest and most often the lightest club in the player’s kit. The driver is the most important and expensive club in the entire club set. Every golfer needs custom golf drivers to improve his game. A better driver can get the ball closer to the green in fewer strokes. You can customize your driver per your need and playing style. The driver is customized following five vital points. These are – the player’s swing, loft angle, the offset, the clubhead mass and the center of mass.

How to hit the driver– If you have just started playing golf, you need to choose the appropriate driver. The driver with higher loft can take the ball further. Higher lofted drivers are better in wet weather. If you want to roll your ball better, get a lower lofted driver. You need to get the right position to hit the ball properly. Create a ‘V’ with your fully-extended arms. Assume how far you want to hit the ball and make a target. Place the ball on the fairway so that it can reach the target easily. You can get good straight drives if you can tee the ball properly. Practice setting your feet in the right place to get the right swing.

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