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Facts to Know About Taylormade Golf Drivers and Hybrid Golf Irons


Posted on June 4th, 2016 at 03:01 AM

All drivers on the market incorporate the maximum allowed volume of 460 cc and the maximum COR/CT allowed by the USGA. A golf store is stocking up a plethora of various golf drivers from numerous club manufacturers advertising their driver as better and best. What is the advantage of TaylorMade golf drivers compared to competing drivers?

TaylorMade golf drivers are the #1 driver used on the PGA Tour. With the launch of the R11 driver, TaylorMade golf was the first having introduced adjustable hosel technology and removable weight inserts. The exchangeable weight insert technology was later improved to sliding weight inserts. After the introduction of adjustable drivers, sales of golf drivers increased for the first time since years. The two best selling golf drivers are both featuring adjustable hosel technology. 34% of polled golfers are using a golf driver with adjustable hosel. 54% of polled golf players are saying that they see a noticeable improvement with adjustable drivers. Surveys are reporting that 70% adjusted their driver at least one time after initial set-up. 47% of polled golfers voted that they will not purchase an adjustable driver.

TaylorMade Golf was joined by Adams, Cobra, Titleist and others. Golf manufacturers not offering adjustable drivers are Callaway Golf, Cleveland Golf and Ping Golf. What are the Pros and Cons of adjustable hosel technology?

Pro: You can change loft and lie and play the same club head with different shafts by exchanging the shaft. The initial settings can be changed any time and as often as you like. The adjustable hosel allows of up to 32 different settings, i.e. combinations of loft, lie and face angle.

Cons: Golf drivers with adjustable hosels are usually $100 more expensive than non-adjustable drivers. The adjustable mechanism increases the club head weight by around 20 gram. The additional weight is located in the hosel area, this additional weight will not improve your game. Robot testing is suggesting that a club head weight reduction of 10 gram will increase your swingspeed by 1mph. A higher swingspeed means more distance. A multitude of settings may confuse a player and cause more harm than advantages.

Best golf drivers with adjustable technology is a valuable approach to get the equipment adjusted to your individual swing rather than you adjust to a mass produced equipment. However the adjustable technology should not substitute the need to get custom fitted. Make sure that your golf driver with adjustable hosel gets fitted by a professional club fitter and that you work with a trained clubfitter. It is more affordable than ever to get your swing analyzed by a professional launch monitor. A custom fitted golf driver improves your ball flight, offers longer and straighter drives and improves your confidence.

Newly developed multi-layer, solid-core golf balls feature low-spin characteristics and promote a lower launch angle. TaylorMade Golf recently introduced new golf drivers with a Center of Gravity that is low and forward towards the face. To benefit from the new low-spin design, you need to increase the loft of your driver or “loft up” your driver. Adding loft to your driver in combination with shifting the Center of Gravity forward, will give you a higher ball trajectory with less spin. A combination of higher ball flight with less spin will increase your distance and improves forgiveness on shots hit low on the face. A clubfitter with swing analyzer will find out what loft is needed for the golf balls and the golf club shafts you are playing with.

The new Heater B1 golf driver made by Monark Golf features the latest sliding weight technology at a value price. The innovative T-Rail Sliding weights located in two sliding tracks gives you more setting options than before and let you personalize your driver to fit your game. Move weight in the front track to the heel for a distance enhancing draw. Move weight to the toe for a fade bias. Move weight in the back track forward to increase speed. Innovative Cup face design enlarges the effective face area and sweet spot. The expanded face-to-back distance of 111 mm increases the MOI for improved forgiveness and increased distance.

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