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Posted on November 24th, 2015 at 02:11 PM

There are a many ways to purchase Golf Irons at substantially discounts:

Buy pre-owned golf irons: are essentially used clubs. There is no record how well the clubs were maintained and handled by the previous owner. The shaft may have a hidden damage or flaw.At the end the ‘new’ club you are buying is maybe not the best solution to play a better game.

Buy Golf irons online at Ebay: It is estimated that 24% of all golf clubs offered at Ebay are actually Counterfeits, i.e. not the genuine brand name. Here is a caution when buying very low priced golf clubs at Ebay: do not buy from a seller with negative feedbacks or a vendor with less than 50 sales. Some merchants are shipping out of China, select a merchant based in the USA when buying your golf clubs online. Ask the merchant for serial number of the offered golf club, often you can verify the serial number with the club manufacturer. Is the price too low to be true? A seller may use an excuse for ‘won in a raffle’ or ‘got it as a gift’.

Discounted Package sets at mass merchants: A package set often includes a driver, a wood, a hybrid and a set of irons with a bag and a headcover. To keep prices low, metal wood heads are often made from aluminum built a ‘graphite’ shaft that is mostly made from fiberglass and heavier than a pure graphite shaft. Iron heads are often made from zinc and assembled with standard weighted steel golf shafts. Package sets cater mostly to beginner golfers or occasional players who don’t know how long they will play golf. Many of these players will quit playing golf due to loss of interest or out of frustration.

Custom fitted component irons may offer you the best of two worlds: Affordable prices and the personal service to fit a set of irons individually with a shaft and a grip for your requirements. Clone iron heads are made from the same stainless steel material using the same manufacturing techniques as major brand name irons. All iron heads are precision cast from 431 stainless steel and then polished to perfection by experienced craftmen.
Brand name clubs are often built with ‘proprietary’ shafts, i.e. in house shafts without published specifications, or with brand name OEM version shafts that are essentially water-down versions from the equivalent aftermarket shafts to keep prices low.

A custom club fitter will analyze your swing during a fitting session with a slow motion video camera, innovative swing analyzer. After the session club fitter will discuss with you what shaft will support your game, what shaft is suggested to meet your individual requirements. A club fitter can also alter an iron head by bending the lie angle according to your body height.

Monark Golf is a professional custom golf club maker since 1998. Monark’s online Club fitting Wizard will guide you step by step thru a self-assessment and then suggest a shaft and a grip meeting your personal requirements. Our online Fitting Wizard is unbiased and offers a wide range of shafts ranging from value shafts to high performance brand name shafts. It is up to you what shaft and grip you are selecting at your budget.

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