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Golf Club Drivers – Guide to Buy the Right One


Posted on October 14th, 2015 at 02:08 AM

Choosing the right golf club drivers can be really overwhelming as there are numerous choices available in the market. Here are 5 steps to guide you to buy the right one.

Step 1# Material

Most of the drivers available in the market today are made from titanium and carbon composite as both these are lighter than steel. This allows the manufacturers to make a big head with a big sweet spot. A driver helps to create a ‘trampoline effect when its thin face comes in contact with the ball which helps in catapulting the ball for an increased distance.

Step 2# Model

Most manufacturers would claim to manufacture the best golf drivers as they are the most forgiving. Make sure that you consider the top manufacturers when buying golf club drivers. A lot of things need to considered while buying these like your budget, look and feel of the driver and of course the brand. Many of these come with different features and make sure that you check them in details so that your gaming experience is enhanced.


Step 3# Shape

This is yet another factor that you need to consider. These come in various shapes like triangular, square headed and of course the traditional par shaped ones. The square headed ones offer increased moment of inertia as the weight is moved along the perimeters. This has another benefit and that is helps in the proper alignment of the tee shots. It also helps the golfers to analyze their line of shot in a better than the traditional ones.

Step 4# Loft

This refers to the angle between the vertical and the face. This varies from 8 – 13 degrees in different models. Lower trajectory is offered by lower loft clubs and vice versa. The lower loft clubs are best for the experienced golfers and the higher ones suit golfers with slower swing speeds.

For others, 9 – 11 degrees are the most common ones and suits golfers without extremely slower or faster swing.

Step 5# Shaft

Shafts are generally made of graphite and stiff flex shafts offer better accuracy for golfers with fast swing speed. Regular ones are mostly used with light flex shafts being used in case of slow swing speed.

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