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Golf Head Covers 2016 Arrived at Monark Golf


Posted on October 26th, 2015 at 02:07 AM

Golf Headcovers have several functions:

  • Protection

  • Identification

  • Personalization


In the past woods were made – well – of wood, i.e. persimmon or maple wood. Although being solid wood, these heads may chip or crack and need to be protected from damage during a round or from the elements. When handling clubs, some jostling is kind of inevitable. Nowadays woods are made from metals such as titanium, stainless steel or reinforced aluminum allows, hence being stronger, they would need less protection. However the painted finish of metal woods may get a dang or chip when handling during a round of golf.

Golf head covers often come with a knitted sock extension. This knitted extension protects your valuable graphite shaft when pulling out and pushing back into our golf bag.

Golf head covers simply extends the look of your club and maintain the resale value of your clubs when trading in for a newer club.

Some wood headcovers feature a small zippered pocket to hold some golf tees.


Most golf bags are Grey and black and look pretty similar at a golf course. Headcovers are an useful accessory to distinguish your golf bag from other bags. It also helps to identify a club when pulling it out of a bag.


Some golf headcovers features your preferred team’s logo or the logo of your golf course.

Some headcovers with creative and innovative designs may add some personality to a boring set of clubs and express your personality. There are also some Character themed or Animal headcovers on the market such as Betty Boops or a Tiger headcover. Some stylish golf headcovers can transform your boring golf bag into an individual reflection of your style.

Styles of headcovers:

Headcovers often come in loose fit and fitted size. Some headcovers feature stretch mash materials or a zipper at backside for a snug fit. These headcovers stay in place, are easy to pull out of a bag and can be easily removed from the club and slip back over the head. Loose fit headcovers are often one-size-fit-all.

Putter headcovers:

There are blade putters and mallet putters requiring different kind of putter headcovers. Some putter headcovers feature a small zippered pocket to store a ball marker or divot tool

New Headcovers for 2016

Monark Golf introduced a new line of premium golf headcovers in a retro or vintage look. These quality headcovers are boasting attractive color combinations and are made from quality PU materials for a high-end leather look. The foam-back polyurethane materials provide maximum protectin and look like leather and feature a form-fitting design. Monark Golf Retro headcover feature racing strips on the front. Our Retrol putter heacovers are fur-lined inside and feature a Velcro closure and racing strips on the sole.

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