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Golf Iron Sets – Buying Guide


Posted on September 28th, 2015 at 02:34 AM

If you are familiar with the game of golf or the various golf equipments used to play this game, then you possibly know what iron is. An iron for golf refers to a club type that is used for propelling the ball to reach the hole. Iron is a type of club that has a shorter shaft and has smaller clubheads as compared to woods. The head is made from steel or solid iron and the head have flat, large and angled face that is usually scored with grooves. These are the most common types of clubs and golfers usually have golf iron sets as these are the mostly used ones.

There are around 7 – 11 irons present in a standard set of golf clubs which contains 14 clubs.


These are available in different types and here in this article we help you to choose the ones that together can make up the right golf club iron sets.

Golf Iron Sets

Forged Irons

This is a solid looking iron having a reduced sweet spot. Forged irons are typically meant for good players and players who give a lot of importance as far as controlling trajectories and shaping shots are concerned. The feel of the club also matters to these players.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is another option that you can opt for. Here the liquid metal is poured into a mould which makes several complex head designs possible for the manufacturer. This is the reason as why cast iron is the best choice when it comes to multi material and intricate irons.  This is a cheaper option that forged iron and the manufacturing process is also relatively easy.


Blade Irons

This offers a compact hitting area and comes with a thin top line and a thin face. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the head offering a sweet spot that is small at the center of the head.

These are also referred to as muscle backs as it offers more feel when it comes to shaping a shot as compared to cavity backs with which we will deal next.

Cavity Irons

It has a cavity or recess at the back of the head, meaning more weight is concentrated on the perimeter. The moment of inertia can be increased, increasing the weight at the edges.

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