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Golf Tools and Grip Kits 2016 – Monark Golf


Posted on March 4th, 2016 at 03:21 AM

Gone are those days when Golf was considered a game for the selected few. With the changing mindset we see more people displaying their interest in this game, ranging from kids to adults. Few of you may pursue it as a career or may just play it for pleasure. Whatever be your reason to play this game, you must always consider buying the right tools for the game that includes Golf Shafts, Golf Club heads and Golf Balls. There are a wide variety of these tools available in the market that can provide you the perfect balance in executing your power to the game.

 Tips for an ideal Golf Kit – While you are purchasing the basic tools, your focus should be on your speed and comfort level. Few simple factors to consider are –

  • When it comes to golf club heads, you normally take a mix of iron club heads, wood club heads, a putter and at least one of the best golf hybrids. Iron clubs are meant for closer targets, woods are for long distance and Hybrids are considered to be a balance between the both. However, a Putter is a special club which has the sole objective of putting your golf ball into the hole.
  • Choosing the right Golf Shaft may be time consuming but considering its material, weight and flexibility before the purchase is essential. It determines the swing and direction of your ball.
  • The grip is an extremely important factor to consider as it enhances your ability and comfort to hold the golf club for an exceptional performance. The material, size, firmness and texture of the grip will determine your consistency and control over the game. While choosing your grip, you may like to opt for one that yields high performance on the ground like that of Golf Pride Grips or Lamkin Golf Grips.


  • You must choose the material of your golf ball according to your skill. There are two basic materials for the ball cover named as Ionomer and Urethane. Ionomer covers provide greater travel distance for golfers with slow or moderate swing whereas Urethane is ideal for an expert player.
  • Apart from your three basic tools, a golf bag is of utmost significance in keeping all your dear tools in one place.

Get your Ideal tool – Once you decide the perfect tool that will complement your game, don’t delay in getting your grip on them through a reputed company. Monark Golf has been appreciated by many customers for their customised selection of golf clubs, not to forget their huge collection in Golf products.

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