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Guide for Senior Golfers to Gain More Distance


Posted on April 21st, 2017 at 12:41 PM

Like every other sports and every other work, the potential decreases with time. You will see that it becomes difficult for senior golfers to cover more distance while playing golf. This is because of age. Everything slows down with age so as this. If you are a golf player at his 60s or 70s and want to get more distance then here is a guide for you to follow. This guide will help you to gain more distance even if you are the senior most golf player.

Guide to gain more distance for senior golfers

This guide will help you to get more distance in your game of golf and you can be the best.

1. The secret is in the set up. You have to turn inside the line.
2. Getting across the line is also another way through which you can swing and release the club head with full commitment. Get yourself a custom golf club to do so.
3. Make sure that your arms and the club are falling into the hitting position. Hold your custom golf driver properly.
4. Getting yourself custom golf irons is also a smart way to gain more distance. This is a smart practice because with age you need to change tour driver to get better grip.

Golf is not only and outdoor sport but there is a lot of mental activity involved. You have to use your brains and your strength to manage the game and get more distance. You have to be very particular about choosing the golf clubs and golf shafts which will help you cover more distance easily. The game of golf is easy for those who understand it properly. They can easily manage to get the required shots without any problem. So, contact Monark Golf and get the best golf equipment.

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