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Guide to the Perfect Golf Club Shaft


Posted on November 15th, 2017 at 05:24 AM

Golf, though seemingly delicate on the exterior is no child’s play. Even a professional would not differ with this opinion. The key to the game, other than years of acquired skill and practise is to have that perfect golf club shaft to give you an edge. These golf club shafts have a language of its own and it is extremely essential to know them accurately before getting yourself the perfect one.  Driver shaft-fitting can pose to be one of the toughest difficulties to face during golf club shaft selection and we are going to make this art of selection less cumbersome for you. We’ll provide you a quick guide to help you through this.

  • Frequency of vibration of the shaft (higher the frequency, stiffer the shaft is)
  • The rigidity of the structure or the more technical term, EI CURVE tells you how flexible the shaft is and is often considered a more accurate measurement in comparison to the flex or frequency.
  • Torque plays another key role in determining the standard of golf club shafts. Here, if you are willing to compromise on weight, a low torque number or in layman’s language lesser circular shaft rotation during swing can give you an edge in accuracy.
  • Another important factor is the balance point, which is more about the performance and feel. Higher the weights in the butt of the shaft better the balance point. Again if you are willing to compromise with the weight of your shaft and get more accuracy in return, choose this wisely.
  • This might not sound like an important aspect but paint does play a role in increasing the weight of a golf shaft. It increases about 5-6 grams of weight and non coloured shafts are very hard to find.
  • A shaft loads and unloads during the swing. When it flexes during the changeover from backswing to downswing that is called loading. Now, the more you load the shaft, the more you have to unload it through the impact area. So, if you keep on loading the shaft there will come a time when the control over your own shaft will pose serious trouble for you.

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