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Hot Deals Offer – Buy Golf Club Components, Driver Heads, Branded Shafts


Posted on June 21st, 2016 at 03:13 AM

Are you looking to get a new golf driver or a new golf club to improve your game or gain more distance at less efforts? Many older golf drivers have a heavier shaft than today’s innovative shafts. Maybe your swing slowed down over the years and your current shaft is too stiff. There is a good change that the loft angle of your club is too low and your current swing speed cannot give you the distance you achieved in the past.

Where to find new golf clubs at great low prices?

• Certainly you can buy the latest model from a major brand name manufacturer. However there is not much product innovation since several years, e.g. all driver heads are maximum 460cc volume and all are featuring the same maximum allowed COR/CT rebound effect. Next coming year the same major brand name manufacturer will launch another “revolutionary” golf club and your investment of this year will depreciate to almost nothing.
• Another option is find an used golf club, these can be overruns, trade-ins or customer returns. It can be a good deal if you purchase an used club directly from a large company giving you a return privilege or even some kind of warranty. Caution is warranted when buying used golf equipment online from a private person you don’t know. These clubs not only may have blemishes but may have hidden defects or even being counterfeits.
• The option to save most money is Buy Golf Club Components. Build a driver heads at Hot Deals Offer on branded shafts on sale. This option also allows you to build a custom fitted club to your specifications. You can determine the club length (many golfers cannot handle the standard club length of major brand name manufacturers), you can select a shaft with the bend or kick point for the ball flight you want for your swing speed.

For Driver Heads and Graphite Shafts we found these Hot Deals Offer:

Driver Heads: Integra V-Series 505 Beta Titanium Driver Head was designed for the majority of golfers who are seeking for more distance by driving the ball straighter and further. You’ll be able to generate more distance from the tee as the COR effect of the ball coming off of the explosive beta titanium face exceeds the USGA maximum limits too. Thin yet ultra hard Beta Titanium face allows for maximum spring effect and added distance. Deep Face design (63 mm tall), extremely large hitting area and huge sweet spot, boosting confidence at address. This 505 cc volume exceeds the maximum allowed size and does not conform to the USGA’s standards. The name “Viktory” (note the “K”) refers to the long time Long Drive Champion Viktor Johanson. Viktor Johansson played with Integra driver heads on several Long Drive competitions. Viktor is said that he drove a 500+ yard shot (albeit outside a competition).

Graphite Shafts:

TaylorMade graphite shafts, made by Aldila, Fujikura, Matrix, Mitsubishi-Rayon. These shafts are brand new and genuine, these shafts were purchased from TaylorMade. All shafts are raw length, not pulled shafts from a previous club. On sale are driver shafts with 0.335” and 0.350” tip diameter as well as hybrid and iron shafts with 0.370” parallel tip and 0.355” taper tip. One of the best selling TaylorMade driver shafts is the Matrix Ozik RUL 70 Wood Graphite Shaft with standard 0.335” tip diameter, R-flex, 70 gram light and Mid ball trajectory, offered at only $15.45. A popular hybrid shaft is the TaylorMade Burner REAX 65 Superfast Hybrid Graphite Shaft at a bargain of only $11.59

Cobra Golf Shafts on Sale – 79% OFF

Cobra Graphite Shafts are made by your Favourite Brands such as Aldila, Fujikura, Graphite Design, Mitsubishi-Rayon and UST Mamiya.

All shafts are brand new and original Cobra Golf Shafts.

These premium, high performance graphite shafts are offered at convenient flat prices:
• Any wood shaft: $15.95
• Any hybrid/iron shaft 0.370″ parallel tip: $13.95
• Any hybrid/iron shaft 0.355″ taper tip: $12.95

All shafts are light weight design with low torque design, often featuring a low kick point to promote a higher ball flight. A higher ball trajectory offers more distance at less efforts. One of the best selling driver shafts is the Mitsubishi Diamana Red Board 45, offered in full raw length at a bargain price of only $15.95

This is a close-end clearance sales event. Quantities are limited. Hurry: all items are low priced for quick sale. Cobra Graphite Shafts at Hot Deals Offer at available here:

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