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Importance of Complete Custom Made Golf Clubs, Drivers and Irons


Posted on April 13th, 2016 at 03:11 AM

It is common sense that your body such as height, arm length, hand size and your individual swing such as swing speed, the way you swing down, are all unique to you. These factors determine how a golf club heads will perform for you as an individual person.

Imagine buying a new pair of shoes and a shoe store is offering all shoes only in one size for men and only one size for women. We all have different size of feet, different width, needing different sizes of shoes. Basically ready-made golf clubs sold off the shelf are ‘One Size Fit All’ products. These are mass produced golf clubs for a so-called “average golfer”, i.e. a player the golf manufacturer considers an average golfer in the country they are selling. Golf clubs are mass produced at the convenience of a golf manufacturer to keep their cost low, but at the expense of a customer needing a custom golf club to improve his individual game.

Some golfers assume that custom golf clubs are expensive or they are not yet good enough for a set of custom made golf clubs. Custom golf clubs are made to your specifications upon go thru a custom fitting session, this may take time and cost a bit, however the custom fitting session often get waived if you order custom golf clubs from the fitter. There are no costs if you use an online custom club fitting wizard at your convenience. Custom golf clubs actually benefit high handicap players more than low handicap golfers. More golfers spend for custom golf drivers, maybe also for a custom hybrid club. But what about a set of custom golf irons or custom made putter? You are using a driver only one time per round for tee off whereas they are chances that you use a putter two times during a round. A wedge and a putter are actually critical to reduce your strokes and lower your score, but rarely get the attention they deserve.

Golf putters are often purchased by trial and error. You can purchase a ready-made putter of a famous major brand at a premium price. After we tested many of the top-selling putters on the market, we found that a number of manufacturers’ sightlines (or dots) were not on the center of gravity of the putter. The other extreme are luxury putter heads hand milled from a solid piece of steel, custom machined from fancy metals, hand engraved from scratch and offered with a fancy custom putter headcover – all a premium price.

There is little chance that a putter will lower your score if the club length, loft, lie and the weight balance are not matched to your individual style of putting.

  • Club Length: The putter length should be fitted to your individual putting posture and your height and arm length to allow for a smooth and consistent putting stroke.
  • Putter Loft: The putter’s loft shall be fitted to your individual hand position. You need more loft if you press forward to start your stroke. You need less loft if you are a ‘wristy’ putter.
  • Putter Lie Angle: A putter shall sit on the ground perfectly in the center of the sole from heel to toe, otherwise the lie angle shall be adjusted.
  • Weight Balance: Counter Weighting, i.e. adding weight into the putter grip of butt end of shaft, may help you to developer a smoother stroke. A smoother stroke improves the rate of On-Center Hits and increases consistency of distance control.

There are cost effective alternatives when buying a new putter: Visit a custom fitter and get a custom made golf putter even if the putter head is not a major brand name. When you visit your custom clubmaker, talk to him about fitting your putter, too. A custom fitted and custom golf putter will considerably improve your putting.

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