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Know About Best Custom Made Golf Clubs


Posted on December 21st, 2015 at 02:35 AM

Your body such as height, arm length, hand size and your swing such as swing speed, the way you swing down, are all unique to you and determine how a golf club will perform for you. A custom fitted golf club will adjust to your individual body and your unique swing, rather than you adjust to a mass produced golf club. If you adjust to your golf clubs, you will engrain so many bad habits that it will be very difficult to later overcome them. A custom made golf club will feature the right shaft, the right loft and lies and even the correct grip size. If a grip is too big or too small, you cannot release your hands and clinging your arms to the club, your swing will not be smooth, it is called a ‘monkey grip’.

Golf is a difficult enough game (small area of striking face, a long distance between you and the club face and small size of a golf ball). If you are using the wrong golf club components, you make it harder on yourself. A custom built golf club will reduce the risk and frustration of miss hits, improves your game and stimulates you to continue playing golf rather than giving up this great sport out of frustration. If your club is timed up with your body, your miss hit shots go much straighter, you will gain more distance at less efforts.

There are several ways to get a custom built golf club:

Attend a club fitting session with a professional golf club fitter.

A certified and professional club fitter will employ innovative motion measurement and video technology to measure your golf swing. A launch monitor will measure your launch angles, spin rates, club speeds and more. The club fitter will than match the results with a database of hundreds of shafts on the market to select the idea club components to fit your swing. A fitting session at a professional club fitter is costly and takes time. If the club fitter is working out of a golf club store, he is maybe biased to sell a shaft offering him more margin or a shaft that is already in stock waiting for a customer.

Use an online club fitting wizard and walk thru the online club fitting process. The system will ask you for your body measurements, such as wrist to ground distance, use a tape measure or yardstick to measure the distance and reply the online questions in a helpful manner based on a frank and honest self-assessment. Monark Golf’s proven club fitting wizard can easily custom-fit you in less than 20 minutes from the convenience of your home. Our club fitting program is the essence of club fitting because it features the most important elements of custom club fitting.

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