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Know About Custom Made Golf Clubs, Drivers and Irons Before Purchase


Posted on April 7th, 2016 at 03:31 AM

Golfers buying ready made clubs off the shelf often believe that they are not good enough to get custom fitted golf clubs. They believe that their inconsistent shot pattern override the benefits of custom golf clubs. It is actually the other way around. A lot of beginning golfers quit the game out of frustration because they cannot improve their game. One reason for the high drop out rate is mass produced golf clubs not meeting the requirements of a golfer besides the low price. Ready made component golf clubs are made nationwide for an “average” golfer. Compare this to a shoe store offering all shoes only in one size for men and one size for women.

A custom fitting session will reveal swing flaws caused by ill designed clubs and reveal a player’s shortcomings such as swing tempo, the way of down swing and others. A custom fitting session will investigate launch angle, swing speed, angle of attack, shot pattern and club path. The objective is to find an optimized combination of shaft and head to improve an individual golfer’s game.

The reason why beginning golfers are shunning custom fitted clubs is price and time. An one-hour fitting session may cost about $150.00. But wait, there are alternatives: you can participate at a free Demo Day, hit and compare different clubs with different shafts to find out what club gives you a better feel.

Online club fitters allow you to walk thru a free online self-assessment survey at the convenience of your home. Simply reply some key questions such as static measurements (body height, gender and age) and some dynamic measurements (typical distance of a driver?, typical distance of a #5 iron?, which club are you using more often at 150 yard marker?) and you receive a recommendation with suggested loft, suggested shaft flex, size of grip, club length and others. Another low cost solution is retro fitted clubs, i.e. an old club set is adjusted and re-shafted to your current swing speed, e.g. steel shafts are replaced with light weight graphite shafts.

Many players believe they need to be “good” to be custom fitted. Don’t wait because you will not get there without custom made golf clubs. Tests are showing that even scratch golfers can increase the change of good shots when using custom made clubs. A fitting session is especially beneficial for beginners because it helps them to make a sound buying decision. High handicap golfers cannot compensate for ill-fitted golf clubs.

Custom clubs are made to your measurements and your individual swing and help you to overcome initial frustration and improve your game. Important part of the fitting process is to match a shaft with the individual swing profile of a player. A shaft is more important for the overall performance of a club than the club head. Custom made club can be actually cheaper because you can pick and order the clubs you really need and skip #3 and #4 irons you would actually never play with.

An online club fitting wizard will recommend to you an appropriate shaft flex based on your age, gender, your skill level (what club do you use at the 150 yard marker?)

Shafts with a low kick or bend point will benefit beginning golfers and players with a smooth swing, because the bend point located in the tip section of a shaft will help to open the club’s face and generates a higher ball flight for more distance at less efforts. Most golfers play with shafts that are actually too stiff.

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