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Know About Hybrid Golf Club Set and Golf Club Drivers Before Purchase


Posted on May 11th, 2016 at 03:23 AM

Hybrid Golf Club Set

The club head of a hybrid club is a cross bread between a fairway wood and an iron because with a hollow core it is constructed like a fairway wood but also incorporates design features of an iron.

Hybrid clubs play roughly the same distance like an equivalent iron club, i.e. hybrids will not give you more distance if hit in the center of the striking face. However hybrid clubs will outperform irons at off center shots. The hollow construction is relocating weight to the perimeter, the perimeter weighting increases forgiveness and improves accuracy at off center hits. The wider club face and the perimeter weighting make Hybrids more forgiving than irons and offer more accuracy than an equivalent fairway wood due to it’s shorter club length.

Hybrids quickly became popular to replace hard-to-hit long irons. Golfers experienced that hybrids are more forgiving than conventional long irons, the wider sole let a hybrid club easily glides along the turf without digging, the lower Center of Gravity promotes a higher ball trajectory for more distance.

However golfers figured out that hybrids are more than rescue clubs to get out of trouble spots. Hybrids offer benefits also over mid and short irons. The wider and slightly curved face of hybrid clubs promotes a distance enhancing draw bias for right hand golfers.

That’s why a growing number of golfers are playing these days with a full bag of hybrids even up to Sand Wedge. More and more golfers are replacing mid and short irons with hybrid clubs and play with a full hybrid golf club set.

Golf Club Drivers

There are so many golf club manufacturers on the market offering a huge variety of golf club drivers offering all kind of benefits. Golf club drivers are designed for a certain player profile in mind. Selecting the right golf club driver depends on your skill level and your player profile. When approaching the buying process, slowly study information and honestly assess your skill level.

Golfers can be beginners, intermediate players (shooting around 80 to 95) or advanced players (i.e. consistently break 80; these are only 7% of the male golf population and only 1% of the female golf population).

Beginners and recreational golfers: take a golf club driver with maximum game improvement design. An oversized driver with a higher loft, a shaft with responsive design to get the ball easily into the air. Select a light weight shaft with a kickpoint located towards the tip section to get more distance with less efforts. Select a driver with less club length because a shorter club length reduces off center hits and improves accuracy. A shorter club length improves your accuracy without a loss of distance.

Intermediate golfers: you can pick any golf club driver you want but still focus on forgiveness. You want that your miss hits shall stay in bounds.

Advanced golfers: the entire world of golf equipment is lying at your door step. Howeve still lean towards a golf club driver offering you forgiveness.

Regardless of your skill level, invest in golf lesions and get your clubs custom fitted to your individual swing. A fitting session will open your eyes and tell you about your swing you didn’t know. Most golfers are playing with Aldila Golf Shafts that are too stiff for their swing speed, the loft of their golf club driver is too low and the club length is too long for their skill level.

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