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Know All About Golf Accessories


Posted on September 23rd, 2015 at 02:08 AM

Golf equipment or accessories are all the items that are used to play golf. Some of these equipments include golf balls, golf club grips, equipments that help in the process or playing a stroke and anything else that enhances the playing experience.

Let’s look at some of these equipments in details:


42.67 mm is the minimum diameter of a golf ball and the mass of the ball generally does not exceed 43.95 g. Various synthetic materials are used for manufacturing the balls and these usually come in layer designs. The surface has around 350 – 450 dimples and this is done to improve the aerodynamics of the ball.


A golfer usually carries golf club set consisting of several clubs during a game (the number should not exceed 14). Golf clubs are mainly of three type viz. putters, irons and woods.

Ball Markers

The position of the ball needs to be marked in several cases before it is being lifted and that is done by using ball markers. This is typically flat and round and is made from plastic or metal. This usually comes with other accessories like tee holders, divot tools etc.


If you follow golf, you possibly know what a tee is. It is an object that is placed on the ground to rest the ball for an easier shot. This can be made from plastic or wood and placing this is only allowed for the first stroke you make for each hole. While wooden tees are disposable and inexpensive, they have a chance of getting damaged. Plastic tees on the other hand are harder and last longer. The length of this equipment varies and it depends on the club being used with it.

Golf Bag

As the name suggests, it is a bag and that is primarily used for the transportation of clubs. Nylon or canvas is used to make the modern gold bags and these might also come with metal reinforcements. There are different types of golf bags available with different styles.

Golf Carts

These are vehicles use to transport golfers and their equipments from one place of the golf course to the other.

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