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Know How Grips Make the Difference in Golf?


Posted on March 22nd, 2016 at 02:07 AM

Any golf player knows that the harmless looking grip makes a very major difference in the performance of the golfer. The rubber grips of yesteryears have created multiple problems for the golfer due to their erratic behavior during use.

These days Winn Grips are favored over the conventional grips since they offer a firmer and more controllable grip on the club. As is known to any serious golfer the angle at which the actual contact is made has a very significant role in the effectiveness of the shot. A slight change in the angle of the swing of the club can make a very major difference in the final outcome.

Most sellers carry huge stock of these Winn grips for the convenience of their customers. One can conveniently choose the most appropriate grip he wants from the large variety of such grips available with them. While it is not necessary one must buy a Winn grip there are other options also for the choosy golfer. It may be added here that the Winn grip due to its specific construction and material may offer better and cozier grip of the club but at the same time they demand very careful process of cleaning to be undertaken for the effective dirt removal. Normal washing with soap water is not permissible since the materials is highly absorbent and may lead to its losing it absorbent property with soap and water cleaning.

Instead of sticking to the Winn grips golfers may contemplate purchasing their club grips of a variety of options like colors, sizes as well as textures. The manufacturers include respectable brands including:

• Lamkin
• Golf Pride,
• Rexton

They may also try out DIY (Do It Yourself) kits and see if they can put a suitable grip onto their personal clubs. It is not very unlikely to find golf grips on sale since after the season is over the grips are going to turn hard and therefore are sold off for a discount.

golf grips on sale

Remember that the grip is the only interface between your golf club and you and hence you need to select the most optimum size, texture and softness properties in the grip that you select. It could be anything right from the branded ones to even the DIY kits. What matters at the end of the day is how comfortable you are with the gift and how confident you are with your shots and swings.

Monark Golf Inc. are in the trade for over fifteen years and they handle most of the golfing needs including the so called golf hybrids. These combo sets are also available with them and the discreet golfer may consider using them if they so desire.

golf hybrids

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