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Know the Importance of Golf Grips and Golf Club Grips


Posted on April 6th, 2016 at 03:24 AM

Most golfers know quite little about their grip. The golf grip is the only part a golfer touches his golf clubs.

Materials of Golf Club Grips

Rubber or Polyurethane materials:

In the past golf grips were made from rubber. Winn applied innovative PU materials from their tennis racket grips to golf grips. Winn’s golf grips are lightweight, softer than conventional rubber grips and absorb more shock at impact than rubber grips.

Aging populations of golf players have problems with their hands and elbows and prefer softer grips providing more comfort. Soft grips are twisting in the hands at impact and increasing torque. Some golf grip manufacturers eliminated twisting by creating two-layer grips. Two-layer grips are made from a soft outer texture and a firm under layer.

Weight of Golf Grips

A lighter grips increases the golf club heads speed and improves the golfer’s feeling because a lighter grip lowers the club’s balance point to the tip of the shaft. A light weight grip reduces the overall club’s weight and promotes a faster swing speed and increases distance. By lowering the balance point of golf clubs, a light weight grips improves your feel and response from the club head for more accuracy and increases the launch angle for more distance at less efforts.

Surface patterns
Surface patterns shall be purpose driven.

One of these functions is to help player position their hands in an uniform way, i.e. to position the left thumb at the middle of the grip.

Shape or profile of grip

Non-tapered wedge or parallel putter grips help you choke down on short chips easier.
No taper design reduces grip pressure and promotes a smooth swing. Non taper technology increases consistency and lowers your scores.

Counter Weight Design

Grips with a built-in heavy weight engages the larger muscles in the arms, shoulders and back and promotes a smooth pendulum motion. A heavier grip will increase the velocity of your wrist angular release and improves your overall ball speed. A heavier grip keeps your hands and wrist quiet and shift motion to your shoulders for improved distance control. The new SuperStroke putter grips incorporate a removable 50 gram weight and can be played without the weight. The Boccieri Secret grips feature a tungsten back weight in the cap end and raise the balance point of your club. The benefits are improved consistency and accuracy for more distance.

Proper Size of Golf Grips?

The correct grip size is an important element in club fitting. A popular rule of thumb is that the fingers in your top hand should barely touch the palm, however this rule does not apply all swing issues. A professional club fitter may assist you in finding the grip for your individual swing technique, shot pattern and personal hand size.

How often should I regrip my clubs?

Regular regripping will save you strokes and lower your score. How soon you need to regrip yoru clubs depends on how many rounds you are playing. It is recommended that you regrip once every 40 rounds or once a year whatever comes first. Heat, dirt, oils and humity are always at work to degrade the materials of your grip. A good opportunity for regripping your clubs is the Spring and to start your new season with a great new feeling club.

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