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Posted on November 20th, 2015 at 02:43 AM

In 2015 we saw quite many innovative golf drivers being launched. Finding a new golf driver improving your game should be your New Year’s resolution for 2016. Taylor Made launched in November their all-new M1 driver for 2016. Our independent golf testers tested 24 golf drivers in 3 categories, i e 8 drivers in each categories:

  • Drivers for Better Players
  • Game Improvement Drivers
  • Max Game Improvement Drivers

Drivers for Better Players:

Third Runner: Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver: Loud cracking sound at impact. Adequate distance off the tee, but not the longest distance in its group. Lack of distance compared to other drivers.

Second Runner: Callaway XR Pro Driver: Provides above-average distance, but not spectacular distance. Loud sound at impact gives you immediate feedback whether you hit it on the center of the sweet spot or not.

Winner: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver: Most players preferred its sister driver the Alpha 815 Black Diamond over the XR Pro Driver. Very good distance carry and better roll than other drivers. Very good feel giving you clear difference between center hits and off-center shots. Offers great play-ability, preferred by low handicap golfers seeking shot-making capability and distance at the same time.

driver heads

Game Improvement Drivers
Designed for mid to high handicap golfers

Third Runner: Cobra Fly-Z Driver: Large sweeetspot makes the Croba Fly-Z a game improvement driver with good consistency and good average distance. Consistent mid to high ball trajectory. Some testers reported too much spin.

Second Runner: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver: Provides very good distance carry and roll. Light weight feel. Interchangeable weights offer playability. Less experienced golfers may get confused by the adjustment possibilities doing more harm

Winner: Bridgestone J715 Driver: Good distance carry with plenty of roll. Good feedback letting you instantly know where you hit the ball. Good accuracy. Designer for the better players among the game improvement drivers.

Ultra Game Improvement Drivers
Designed for high handicap golfers

Third Runner: Cleveland CG Black Driver: produces good distance at smooth swing speed and even off-center hits. Gives additional distance at faster swing speed. Easy to hit, gives good feel. Promotes a high ball trajectory with less roll.

Second Runner: Callaway XR Driver: Large sweet spot. Light weight feel. Reduced spin. Reliable medium ball trajectory. Important is to get this driver properly fit, it takes a while to get used to this driver.

Winner: Callaway Big Bertha V Series Driver: promotes longer drives than other drivers of the same group. Reduces hooks and slices for increased accuracy. Light feel in the head, making it easy to get the ball high into the air.

Conclusion: Golf Driver heads are intentionally designed for a certain player profile, i e. one driver head may perform well for this player type, but may not perform well for another player. Above test results don’t consider the shaft, above drivers were tested using different stock shafts from each manufacturer. Shafts are again designed for a certain player profile, heavier shafts with a higher bend point designed for low handicap golfers. Light weight shafts will be lower bend point promoting a higher ball flight for golfers seeking more distance at smooth swing speeds.

Your swing is individual and is not coming from the assembly line. Why shall your driver come from an assembly line if your swing is individual? A driver fitted to your needs and individual abilities would better support your game. A clubfitter will analyze your individual swing, assess your abilities, find out what is your player profile and help you finding a driver to play a better game. In this way a custom fit golf clubs could be your Best Golf Club.

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