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TaylorMade Golf Clubs vs Adams Golf Clubs


Posted on January 19th, 2017 at 12:41 PM


Golf has been one of the top level games that have been slowly gained popularity in recent times. With the advancement in technique the playing instruments has also been slowly and steadily been upgraded to provide high class performance to the players while preparing their shots. There are two major types of clubs that are been used in this kind of game namely taylormade golf sets and Adams golf clubs. While Adams clubs are been designed to provide raw power and speed, the taylormade golf clubs are been designed with suitable adjustment that the taylormade golf driver makes to obtain specific angle to make their game play better.

Different versions of Golf Clubs:

  • Drivers:-

Since its arrival in 2000 taylormade golf club has made a significant impact on the market. Further with the addition of latest collections in 2010 has further added to the list. These sets allow the golf driver to adjust the lie and loft of the driver and move the weight around the club head. Adams provide a more aerodynamic clubs which can increase the speed of the swing and thus results in 5 or more yards of carry distance.

  • Irons:-

Taylormade introduced burner irons way back in 2009 whereas Adams came up with the idea of hybrid irons sets with 3i and 4i replacement hybrids.

  • Hybrids:-

Adams introduced the hybrids and introduced several designs that rightly suited the needs of the player. The Idea a7 was among the top notch as it provided solution for those players who faced trouble with long irons. Taylormade clubs introduced Raylor in 2010 whose club was designed in a fashion that it easily glided through rough patch or surface with much hassle.

  • Fairway Metals:-

With a long shaft and easy movement Adams fairway metals are built to be much more versatile in nature than others. The clubs faced thinner face that reduced the centre of gravity and made it perfectly suitable for making accurate shots.

Brief Overview:-

Though the debate between taylormade golf club and Adams Golf Club is been continuing since long ago but still several improvements have been come up reduce this difference. Selecting from both is one’s own choice. He/she need to determine his/her requirement before selecting the club. Both the clubs have equal advantage and can be beneficial in the course of the game. Hence it is necessary for the player to understand the shots he/she wants to play in the match and choose accordingly.

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