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Things To Know Before Buying Taylormade Golf Putters


Posted on October 28th, 2015 at 02:09 AM

The putter is quite an important club in your bag to lower your scores. Unfortunately a putter is often overlooked, golfers tend to pay more attention to their drivers. A common mistake when selecting a putter is to pick a putter model based on look and price, based on marketing hype. Putters are designed for a certain golfer profile. When choosing a putter, give some thoughts to these points:

  • Shape of putter head: Blade putters or Mallet putters

  • Type of putter shaft: Straight or Curved shafts

  • Alignment Aids: Straight Lines or Circles

  • Putter face and Insert face

(1) Shape of putter head:

(a) Classic blade putters are least forgiving in terms of playability. A classic blade putter will hang with the toe pointing to the ground when you balance it on your extended fingers under the shaft near the head.

(b) Heel-Toe weighted putters: More weight is distributed to the heel and toe than weight at the center of the putter. This perimeter weighting increases stabilization at impact and improves forgiveness on off center hits. Heel-Toe weighted putters will hang at an angle of 45º to the ground.

c) Mallet putters are most forgiving game improvement design Mallet putter heads are a wide body and a bit heavier increasing stability at impact. Mallet putters are often face balanced, i.e. the face is pointing to the sky when balanced it on extenders fingers under the shaft near the head. The putter head’s center of gravity is located in the same plane as the shaft. The putter’s face will not open nor close during a stroke. Mallet putters are great for players with a square to square putting path.

Enlarging the size of taylormade golf putters head, increases the Moment of Inertia or resistance to twisting. An increased MOI minimizes the effects of mis-hits.

Different putter heads are designed for different stroke path. Know your putting stroke before selecting a new putter.

 Taylormade Golf Putters

Toe hand or Classic blade putters are good for players with a smaller arc at the putting path. The toe weighting promotes a straight roll by helping to square the face at impact.

Heel-toe weighted putters are designed for golfers with a wider arc at their putting path. More weight is relocated in front of the putter shaft which closes the face at impact and prevents a pushed putt.

Face balanced putters are great for players with a straight back and through stroke.

(2) Type of Putter Shaft:

Offset Shaft or Plumber’s Neck Hosel: helps to keep your hands ahead of the golf club heads through impact and promotes more forgiveness.

Center Shafted: promotes a low-hand position and offers more control feel

(3) Alignment Aids:

Alignment Aids can be straight lines or circle designs.

We recommend straight lines as they are easier to align the face to target and offer a sharper contrast.

4) Type of Face:

Make sure that the face is straight and flat for a pure putting path. A quality putter should feature a CNC milled face for perfect flatness. An insert face is often made of PU materials that are lighter than stainless steel, this helps to increase perimeter weighting and improves forgiveness. PU insert faces are a bit softer which is good when playing with harder golf balls.

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