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Things To Remember While Buying Golf Iron Sets


Posted on August 24th, 2015 at 03:00 AM

Golf irons are something which every golfer requires. They are required to keep a minimum variety with of sets with them in order to be prepared for all situations. These are expensive and it is best, one get it the right the first time.


Types of irons:

  • Cast Irons provide a wider variety of designs for heads of clubs since in this case the metal is put into a mould. Thus, they are more popular as custom golf irons which intricate, weighted perimeter and multi material irons.
  • Forged irons involve the final shape being hammered out of a rough shaped iron piece. The raw, forged head is the final head’s approximation. It is eventually finished with polish, grind and milling.

Why and how:

  • It is critical that one knows the level of skill possessed. For instance, someone who is starting out will not need many golf iron sets. The clubs will need to fit the general posture and strength. A maximum of two or 3 would do.
  • Eight irons and 3 woods comprise the standard set. However, one must have a clear understanding of their need.

Monark Golf has a wide variety of offerings in golf club iron sets which are suitable for many styles and needs.

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