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What is Hybrid Golf and How is it Used?


Posted on September 7th, 2015 at 02:07 AM

A hybrid Golf is a type of club which is a combination of designs of iron and wood, but still differing from both of them. The swinging mechanics of the iron are combined with the better distance of a wood. As the hybrid golf club provides the distance of the fairway wood along with the accuracy of the iron, it has become popular with the golfers, be it amateur or a professional.


The hybrid golf iron club is easier to hit than other golf clubs. If you struggle with fairway woods and also with long irons, then hybrid club is best as it is easy to swing. You can send the ball up in the air easily, as the hybrid clubs have a lower center of gravity.           Although the hybrid club weighs almost same as a medium iron club, it helps the golfer with a good chance of getting success on a long par 4 and 5 hole. It offers a much flatter striking zone to you that mean there is a huge margin of error when the hybrid is used

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