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What is Hybrid Golf Club Irons and their Uses?


Posted on June 16th, 2016 at 02:55 AM

A hybrid club is a crossbread between fairway woods and irons, it is “the best of both worlds”.

A hybrid is a hollow construction like a fairway wood, but also incorporates design features of an iron.

Similar like a fairway wood, best hybrid clubs can be also hit from a tee. But due to a shorter club length than a conventional fairway wood, a hybrid offers more accuracy and better control than a wood.

The larger and deeper club head of hybrids lowers the Center of Gravity below the ball’s equator and promotes a higher ball trajectory for increased distance than an iron. The wider and curved sole of an hybrid easily slides along the turf without digging.

Originally hybrid clubs were designed to play from rough and thick fairway bunkers and other difficult spots. That’s why hybrids were first called ‘rescue’ clubs. Soon after golfers experienced that hybrid clubs are good for more applications than trouble spots and hybrids are more forgiving and versatile than long irons. Over the years hybrid clubs replaced hard-to-hit long irons (i.e. #1 to #4 iron). However there are golfers these days playing with a full bag of hybrids even up to Sand Wedge.

What are the advantages of Hybrid Golf Clubs versus Irons?

(1) Club Head Design: Robot testing reveal that a hybrid will produce the same distance like the equivalent iron, e.g. a #5 hybrid will produce as much distance than a traditional #5 iron. This means a hybrid will not offer more distance if hit in the center of the club face. A hybrid golf club set has an advantage at off-center hits. The hollow construction of a hybrid is increasing more perimeter weight distribution than any latest game-improvement iron. The perimeter weighting and the wider club face make a hybrid more forgiving than an iron. A hybrid offers more accuracy and delivers more distance than a standard iron at off-center hits.

Hybrids also incorporate a bulge and roll on the hitting face, i.e. a slight roundness from heel to toe. If you hit the ball off the heel, the ball will produce a spin to the right. If you hit the ball off the toe, the ball will product a spin to the left for a right handed golfer.

(2) Sole Design: Many golfers who are tending to sweep the ball instead of hitting down, experience that a hybrid promotes a higher launch angle than a standard iron. The wide sole design of a hybrid promotes a square set-up on the ground at address position. Golfers who tend to de-loft the clubface of a conventional iron, can achieve the proper height and distance when using a hybrid.

(3) Shaft and Club Length: Standard iron clubs are built with steel shafts whereas hybrid clubs are built with graphite shafts. The average graphite shaft has a lighter weight than steel shafts promoting a higher swing speed. The benefit is greater carry distance. Secondly graphite shafts tend to have a lower bend point, i.e. the club face will open at impact. A lower bend point promotes a higher launch angle for more distance at less efforts. The hollow construction of a hybrid head reduces the club head’s weight and allows for a longer club length than a standard iron club. A longer club length promotes faster swing speed.

Get your next hybrid golf clubs fitted and custom built by a professional club fitter. Monark Golf offers a wide range of custom built hybrid golf club for right and left hand players. Many of our offered hybrids are available even up to 46 degree.

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