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Why Should You use A Hybrid Golf Club?


Posted on June 29th, 2017 at 12:54 PM

Since hybrid golf clubs have been developed, they have almost brought about a revolution in the manufacturing industry of golf clubs to the extent that the standard iron set of clubs is almost at the verge of being endangered. Hybrid golf club include all the finest qualities of long irons and fairway woods alike while keeping away from the negative aspects of both. All the fuss and the enthusiasm regarding the hybrid golf clubs are justified.

The following list will tell you why:

  • These clubs give you the greatest improvement

Many players see instant results after swinging a hybrid club off the fairway, while several others witness the greatest effect after swinging from the rough. If you use a long iron, the grass in the rough is most likely to seize the hosel. This particular stunt usually leads to the worsening of the two fundamental issues of swinging a long iron – getting the ball off the ground at a height, and keeping it on the set target line. This issue does not arise with hybrid technology. The clubhead of the hybrid perforates through the grass with ease, thus creating a consistent and better contact.

  • Hybrid clubs can elevate the ball with ease

After the hybrid technology was developed, the cons of the iron shafts were done away with for good. The regular golfer succeeds in finding instant positive effects with the hybrid golf clubs having lamkin golf grips without having to change their regular swing. The primary reason is the design of the club which promotes a greater capability to elevate the ball with a greater ease.

  • The hybrids have a wider sweet spot

Even if a lie is at its finest with a perfect angle, the benefits of the hybrid golf club exceeds the long iron club. Possessing a shaft that is shorter than the regular fairway wood, the hybrid club is a lot more easy to control. This contributes to the hybrid club having a wider sweet spot than the iron ones. All this contributes in it having a greater possibility to hit the sweet spot in order to launch a high shot, going straight at the flag.

  • Hybrids help to explore new areas

Hybrid golf clubs have brought in a completely new area of swinging which didn’t exist before. The tempered, flat sole contributes to make the much feared “chilli dip” almost impossible, while the shallow loft helps in getting the ball rolling on the grass more swiftly than the other clubs.

The next time you purchase a golf club, make sure to include one or two hybrid ones, and you will understand the reasons yourself.

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