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Why You Should Use Custom Fit Golf Clubs?


Posted on October 25th, 2016 at 01:55 PM

Each golfer has his/her own way of swinging at the ball. This is unique to each golfer. This could due to the fact that each golfer swings according to their height and hence the difference. Not only the height but also the in-depth between the contact and the knee flex matters when a golfer swings.

Professional golfers have their own brands of golf clubs to select from and hence they choose what is comfortable and fitting for their type of swing. However, on the other hand, beginners should be careful not to use any club that comes your way. You should have something that fits your wrist well, besides being right for your height. This is why custom fit golf clubs are recommended for beginners, though professionals too use these clubs.

You will agree that when you use custom made golf clubs you will benefit a lot. The main characteristic that you will benefit from is height. When you have a custom made club you can have it to suit your height as all golfers are not the same height. Besides this there are other characteristics like weight, contact with the ball and much more to consider.

Your concentration should be mainly on the length of the golf club when choosing your club. It is this main aspect that will give you a good golfing experience and you will not get tired easily if you have a custom fit golf club that suits your height. This will make you feel comfortable to hold and take the swing well. Another major aspect is the weight of the club. This weight is in the club head. If you have a club head that is heavier than what you can accommodate then you will not be able to take a good swing at the ball. If the weight of the club is custom made then you can easily get the ball clear into the air without much effort.

These are a few of the major reasons why you should use custom golf clubs when playing golf.

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